This application supports all functions of the original remote control for MAG 250/254/255 Today MAG250 Remote doesn't require IrDA any more, it can use Wi-Fi to communicate with STB MAG 250 and Aura HD. Control your STB MAG 250 from any device without IrDA. Just enable Wi-Fi –°onnectivity if your device doesn't have IrDA and configure Remote Control in the STB MAG250. The application supports remote control for TV: "SAMSUNG", "LG", "SONY", "PANASONIC", "TOSHIBA", "PHILIPS", "JVC", "SHARP", "HITACHI", "FUJITSU", "TCL". Widget provides basic functions of the application Userguide: No trial period, no time limits. Features: * IrDA and Wi-Fi Modes * Widget for Home and Lock screens * Auto discovery * Support multiple STBs * Vibration * Soft Keyboard Compatible: MAG245 MAG245D MAG250 MAG254 MAG255 MAG270 MAG275 MAG260 AuraHD WR-320 Limits: Wi-Fi Connectivity feature is compatible with a firmware version 0.2.18-r5 and higher